5 Easy Steps For Avoiding The #1 Home Insurance Claim

December 02, 2014
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Water claims can take many different forms from leaking pipes, roofs, appliances or just an overflowing toilet. According to the department of financial services, the homeowner insurance claim that tops the charts pertains to water damage. There are many types of water claims so let's discuss 5 simple steps in making sure these claims are held to a minimum. Although not 100% foolproof, these proactive steps can be taken to help prevent these claims from occurring.

1) Check Your Roof For Leaks

The weather in Florida plays havoc on your roof from staggering heat, wind, and hail. When extreme conditions exit, deterioration starts taking place with one's roof. You will start to notice that over time, your granules on your shingles will come off and end up in your gutters. You may also have curling of your shingles that could develop around your vents and skylights on your roof. When these things start occurring, water leaks are soon to follow. It is recommended that you inspect your roof at least once a year to make sure that all vents are properly sealed and that no shingles are curling. A simple can of roof tar applied to any problems areas to prevent future problems.

2) Insulate Pipes From Freezing

Whenever there is a freeze warning, make sure that your water pipes coming into the home are covered with insulation like foam rubber that you can find at your local retail box store. In addition, I run my sink on a very slow pour so the water does not stay stationary in your pipes and freeze.

3) Upgrade To PVC Piping

Plumbing should be changed out to PVC under the sinks as older metal piping will eventually corrode and then leak. Note, most insurance carriers will require this for homes over 40 years of age.

4) Replace Your Washing Machine Hoses

Washing machine hoses need to be replaced at a minimum of every 5 years. Very few people ever do this which eventually over time, these rubber hoses will begin to leak and then break wide open causing major damage. For a few dollars, you can replace these hoses with either a rubber or braided rubber hose at your local retail box store.

5) Replace Old Parts In Your Toilets

Toilets are a huge area of concern as the parts inside the toilet only last so long. When you start noticing that your toilet is running that usually means that these parts are starting to wear out and need to be replaced. These parts are pretty inexpensive to replace and it is something you can definitely do on your own.

These simple steps are quite a bit cheaper than having to pay your homeowner insurance deductible. Although the above 5 areas are the main areas for water claims, they are not the only areas. Just keep in mind that any source that has water pressure will have the potential for leaking!

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