A Life Insurance Story From Nillie, One of my Clients

August 12, 2015
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Why is your life insurance important for your family? Life insurance is one of those things no one likes to think about and most people are convinced that of course they will never need one. For some reason people consider them unnecessary and a complete waste of money. For a really long time, I thought so as well. You never think about the fact that something could happen to a member of your family and you never consider the worst. Something could even happen to you, but the whole purpose of it is not about you is it?

The experiences are always different and I am not saying everyone will deal with the same situation as I have, but you might change your mind about having or getting a life insurance after all. My father was strictly against any type of life insurance because he always thought money will create conflicts in our family and a price tag with his name on it was not something he needed. He and the rest of us never had an insurance taken out in our name. He felt fine insuring the car, the house and other things, but not his own life. His decision was fine with us and we never truly gave it enough thought, until his unexpected passing. During his life my father was a very successful man, with plenty of financial assets and few properties. Little did we know he also had a lot of relatives we never heard of that suddenly felt like family and wanted a piece of that pie for themselves.

I guess the reason why my dad never wanted a life insurance was the fact that he didn't want to be unfair to his children and make us fight over unimportant material things. To make it clear, all of this happened five years ago, and we are still having problems just because he didn't take out a life insurance policy and split his assets before passing. My siblings and I aren't fighting over any property or even money because we simply got tired of court meetings and greedy relatives. Shortly after dad's death, I was personally approached by a life insurance agent, simply because our situation was a complete mess and our lawyer thought it is a good idea to sort things out for the future.

For the first time I truly listened and gathered why is it so important to insure your life. It really is not about the money, or about you wasting your money so someone else can be richer once you die. It is about your loved ones and it can save you a whole lot of money in the long run. When you think about it, the life insurance premium you pay cannot match the price of court meetings and lawyers that might cost your family a fortune once you are gone. I also learned you can choose the type of an insurance you want. You can split the assets right away, or you can make sure that each family member gets the funds for a certain, limited amount of time. For example, children education, travel, moving or anything else. Today, five painful years later, while we still fight our relative, my brothers and I all have our own life insurances so our children do not have to go through the same problems one day.

If you don't have a life insurance agent, I would highly recommend utilizing Tom Johnson at Southern Insurance Group in Clermont FL. He has a Family owned agency and has been protecting families for over 28 years. His number is 352-243-9000 Ex.1011 and email is [email protected]