Different Features Of Home Insurance Coverage

April 10, 2014
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There are many kinds of Home Insurance and coverages which will assist you in protecting your most valuable asset, your home. With most common policies, you will find that the larger more expensive perils will be covered under your Homeowners Insurance less your deductible. Some of these perils include; wind, hail, explosions, vandalism, theft, malicious mischief, riots, lightning and water damage from a leak or broken pipe. In addition to these various types of protection, your policy will also protect you from items such as volcanic eruptions, earth movement, and even vehicles colliding off the road into your property.

When setting up your Home Owners Insurance coverage's, you will also have the option to customize your policy by adding various additional options such as replacement on your contents, water back up, screened enclosure, animal liability, personal injury, to name a few. Most Insurance Carriers will allow you to add these coverage's al a cart or if you need multiple items, you can just purchase a package which will include most of the features mentioned.

I caution you when purchasing Home Insurance as not all insurance agencies provide the same level of protection. What I mean by this is some agencies will strip off replacement cost on your contents and will not include other features like theft, vandalism, ordinance of law coverage, animal liability, water back up, and so on, in order to get your premium lower. You may think that you are buying a similar policy as the dwelling coverage is the same; however, valuable coverage's left off your policy can make a huge difference in what gets paid out to you in a claim.

Regarding Homeowners Insurance discounts, you may be eligible for wind mitigation discounts if you home is older than 2002. These discounts pertain to how your roof is secured to your home. A licensed wind mitigation Home Owners Insurance inspector will need to come out to your home to determine what features you will qualify for. This is done by the inspector getting into your attic to determine the nailing pattern for your deck as well as verifying how your trusses are attached to your walls. These discounts can be as high as 35% off your regular premium so we recommend this inspection for all of our homeowner clients. As far as the cost for the inspection, they typically cost between $70-100 to have completed which is usually substantially less than the discounts provided. Homes built 2002 to current date include these discounts.

Home Insurance rates are definitely not the same from carrier to carrier. This is why dealing with an independent insurance agency like Southern Insurance Group will help you tremendously as we offer over 80% of the Homeowners Insurance industry with the top 25 carriers. Why would anyone want to call company after company when all they have to do is call one independent agency and we do all the shopping so you don't have to? What used to take people hours and days to accomplish, we have it down to minutes.

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