Sam's Story - How Flood Insurance Saved the Day

August 25, 2015
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Sam's parents went on vacation to Asia for a month and asked us to check-up on their house periodically. He lived on the opposite side of town so he only came there once a week to use their swimming pool. On the third visit during the third week, their pool suddenly grew larger. Their entire basement and a third of the main floor flooded with water. The very first thing he thought of was: Do they have flood insurance?

Sam suspected this happened recently when it rained endlessly for a couple of days. Even so, it was a surprise to him since this never happened before. It wasn't deemed a natural disaster that affected many homes. It was just a few homes in the vicinity. Their neighborhood was in a valley, but normally, this didn't happen because of the good sewage draining in the area.

The next thing Sam thought about was how we were going to break the news to his parents. They were on vacation so this would ruin it. Nevertheless, Sam had to inform them. The very first question he asked was, "Do you have flood insurance?" To Sam's disappointment, they said, "We're not sure."

While waiting for them to come back, Sam tried to salvage whatever assets he could. He quickly realized it was futile. Most things were damaged before we even got there.

The next day, his parents were home again after an emergency flight back. Luckily, they had purchased trip interruption insurance. The very first thing they did was look for their insurance policies. Unfortunately, because they thought they would never need it, they kept it in a cardboard box in the basement. The documents were destroyed and illegible.

With shaking hands, Sam's father called his insurance broker to ask about their policy. As Sam watched him on the phone, he began to relax as his dad began to relax. It turned out that they did purchase flood insurance in addition to their home insurance policy.

Someone from the insurance company came the next day to inspect the property. She was extremely courteous, and empathized with the losses. She instructed Sam's family to make a list of everything lost with the flood and to find receipts to back them up. Again, the flood destroyed 90% of their important documents.

After his parents submitted their claim, they surprisingly received 90% of everything back. However, that 90% was more like 150%. Many items were replaced at the current retail price, as opposed to what they were really worth now. Their grand piano was 40 years old already, but they received funds to buy a similar brand new one at today's market price.

His parents asked for a duplicate copy of their insurance policy. They were so pleased to realize that they purchased the best possible coverage available that even covered natural disasters! They even received compensation for items without receipts.

Needless to say, his parents were grateful that this flood happened. Most of the things that they kept in the basement were left there because they no longer needed it or wanted it. It was like the flood of Noah's Ark, an exchange of their junk to receive new items. Now they have the opportunity to purchase a new home and new belongings. Thank God they purchased flood insurance.

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Tom Johnson

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