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Southern Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency, was started June of 2008 as a means to offer the local community the best products and rates and services that the insurance marketplace affords. We can do this as we have sought out the most competitive carriers to represent our various lines of insurance.

The Owners, Tom and Tish Johnson, have over 30 years experience in selling insurance and financial services. Tom and Tish used to work for a local captive carrier for the past 20 years before opening up Southern Insurance Group in June of 2008.

The need to offer more competitive markets became apparent after the 2004 hurricane losses, which, brought so many restrictions to the captive marketplace with carriers such as State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Farm Bureau to name a few. As a result, most of the business was being driven to the independent companies like Southern Insurance Group.

Being insured with Southern insurance Group means that you have choices. See, not every insurance company offers the best products for a particular risk. Most of the captive carriers listed above, have very limited markets due to restrictions and narrow guidelines that their rates are usually very uncompetitive. We on the other hand, are able to shop with our extensive list of companies to find the carrier that offers the best coverage and pricing for that niche.

We are a full service agency which means we can handle all of your insurance needs as well as help you with financial planning with products such as life, disability income, long term care, IRA’s or over 430 indexed annuities. Also ask us about our excellent package policy discounts for your home, auto, umbrella and life products.

Kind Regards,
Tom Johnson-President

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