Groveland Home Insurance

Groveland Home Insurance

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When it comes to finding the best pricing on your Groveland homeowner insurance policy, let the experts at Southern Insurance Group shop your rates through all the top carriers in Florida.

Because we are a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agency, we are able to contract with a wide variety of of carriers that can accommodate virtually any type risk that you may present our agency. Can all agencies do that? No. Most Groveland homeowners insurance agencies only write through their one brand or at most a few different carriers.

Since most carriers are limited in their guidelines, you will naturally have a lower chance that your premium will be competitive if your home falls outside the box of what that carriers wants to write. As an independent insurance agency, we have secured specific carriers to write virtually any risk with the most affordable premiums.

Below are some helpful tips and articles to help enhance your Groveland Home insurance.  

Don’t Let Life’s Uncertainty Take Your Home Away

Have you ever:

  • Seen a roof get ripped off a house?
  • Noticed mold going on your drywall?
  • Been sued from someone getting hurt on your property?
  • Had a tree limb fall on your screened enclosure?

Each one is an unfortunately event.

Making sure that your homeowner insurance in Groveland is up to date is a must. If not or if you aren't covered properly, the life you love could disappear in the aftermath of tragedy that befalls your home.

Contact Southern Insurance Group in Clermont now, to preserve and protect the loved ones residing in your cozy domicile.

What About the Groveland Weather?

If you have lived in Groveland Florida for any length of time, you know that the weather patterns can change on a dime. We can have clear skies in the morning and then violent storms in the afternoon with driving rain, strong winds, lightning and hail. Scary stuff!

Whether it is fast approaching rain, lightning, or hail storms, we have to constantly make sure our limbs are trimmed, roofs are leak free and lightning surge protectors are in place. Taking some preventative steps before the bad weather patterns occur can make the difference in the number of claims that you file as a homeowner.

No matter what the peril is that may come your way, making sure your Groveland homeowner insurance policy is update to date is Southern Insurance Group's advice to you. We provide home insurance by vigorously pursuing value added protection for you and your home.

For example, has you home value changed? If so, you might need an insurance policy adjustment. If you have increased or decreased possessions, that is worth discussing. If you are concerned about that body of water near you home ever flooding, call us 352-243-9000.

Here are 4 risks that could restrict you from getting homeowner insurance.

When we quote Groveland home insurance for our customers, part of the quoting process is asking about certain hazards or risks that may restrict the client form securing Groveland homeowners insurance. If you own any of the following you may find that most of the carriers offering homeowner insurance in Groveland may not offer you coverage at all. These areas of concern pertain to you owning a trampoline, pool with a diving board, slide, or a dog on the vicious dog breed list.

Owning a pool with a slide or a diving board can be lots of fun, but also comes with a higher degree of kids getting bold trying to outdo the next one. While some of the carriers may still write your insurance, it greatly limits the number of competitive quotes that you can secure. For instance, I have a client who bought a home with a diving board and slide in Groveland. Two features that his kids most liked about the home purchase. Based on these items, I could only find one carrier to write his home. Fortunately it was a competitive carrier so it wasn't an issue. If that carrier happened to not be writing new business in his area, he may be forced to take out the slide and diving board.

Trampolines are another huge concern for Groveland home insurance customers. Trampolines can be very fun but they attract lots of neighborhood kids who get crazy on them. As a result, people get hurt and lawsuits soon follow. Just like diving boards and slides, only a few carriers will write you for liability for a trampoline. Most won't write you at all.

What if you buy the trampoline after you have taken out the Groveland home insurance policy? That is where you have to be careful and read the exclusion section in your policy jacket as most carriers specifically exclude liability from purchasing one after you have taken out the policy. Remember, if you had it at the time of writing the home insurance policy, the carrier would have most likely not written the policy.

Also keep in mind that periodically Groveland homeowners insurance carriers will conduct routine inspections to make sure that your property is being maintained. If they notice a trampoline during the routine inspection, you may be set up for non-renewal. Note that if you receive such a letter that you can remove the trampoline to rescind the cancellation.

What about vicious or mean dogs? Animal liability is one of the largest areas of concern for home insurance carriers in Groveland in that these are instantaneous claims that get paid out if your dog bites someone. As a result of this, most insurance carriers have a vicious dog breed list of dogs that they will not accept in writing your Groveland homeowner insurance. An example of some of these are Pit Bulls, Akita, Chow, Doberman.

I have heard this phase a 1000 times in my 24 year career where someone says "Oh my dog would never hurt anyone" I have also heard people say when a claim occurs that he has never bitten someone before. It only takes once and if it occurs your policy will most likely be set up for non-renewal with the condition that it may possibly be rescinded if the dog is no longer in the household.

If you do have a dog on the vicious dog breed list then you will be very limited in getting multiple offers for you home insurance. The only carriers that will most likely write you are the ones that will exclude animal liability altogether.

I have a customer in Groveland who owned a rental home where his tenant owned both a trampoline and a Pit Bull. On a Saturday, a bunch of neighborhood kids were on the trampoline with the dog in the backyard as well. The kids were getting rough trying to bounce the other off the trampoline. The dog picked up on the aggression and when one of the kids bounced off the trampoline and hit the ground, the dog attacked the kid leaving multiple gashes on the child's face, arms and legs. Both the owner of the dog and the owner of the rental were sued for the full homeowner liability limits and were awarded them.

Southern Insurance Group - Your Groveland Home Insurance Experts!

Whether you are blindsided by a storm or a lawsuit, thinking afterward about what you should have done before the event is for the reckless. The responsible know better. Remember, we are all just one card shuffle away the devastation of having to start over.

At Southern Insurance Group we have protected the citizens of Groveland since 2008. We are friends with the people here. We know home insurance. We also understand that what would take you 100 years to pay on an annual homeowners insurance policy, you could be liable for in a five second tragedy.

Complete the Protection Savings Form today and let the professionals at Southern Insurance Group stack the deck in your favor!

The Basics of Groveland Homeowner Insurance

Owning a home in Groveland is one of the most important assets that you will have in your lifetime. Making sure that your home insurance in Groveland is current and up to date is vitally important in making sure that this asset is properly protected. What are the major perils that you are insured for on your homeowner insurance policy? Some of these items include but not limited to fire, theft, vandalism, acts of God like wind, hail, hurricane, lightning, sinkhole, water breakage to name a few. if claims arise These claims will be paid up to the policy limits less your deductible.

Your home insurance in Groveland has the following coverages:

  • Dwelling-Your structure
  • Other structures-Any detached structure
  • Contents-Your personal belongings
  • Loss of use-Pays for temporary housing during your claim
  • Liability-pays for damages due to your negligence
  • Medical Payments-pays for immediate medical injuries to guests hurt on your property

You will also have two separate deductibles for hurricane and then All other Perils (AOP) Your hurricane deductible is usually 2% of the dwelling coverage which means that if your Dwelling on your Groveland homeowner insurance policy is 200,000 that would mean that your hurricane deductible is 200,000 times 2% or 4000. Any other claim besides hurricanes would once again be your AOP deductible.

Note that before the hurricane deductible can apply it would have to be a named storm and not just a bad windstorm. If it is just a bad windstorm that occurs then it would be subject to your AOP deductible and not the hurricane deductible.  

The thing for you to consider is that your home insurance in Groveland is not a maintenance policy but rather a catastrophe policy that is designed to cover the major issues that occur to your home.  For instance, if you have a washing machine hose break and flood out your laundry room and kitchen and the total claim comes to 1100. You have a 1000 deductible so filing a claim would result in a 100's coming back to you.  This claim will be counted against you as a prior insurance loss. If you have to shop your insurance with one claim, some carriers won't write you and others will place a surcharge against the new policy. 

Now lets say the claim is 10,000 as you had to replace the wood floors that were damaged from the water. In this case, it is well worth it to file the home insurance claim. Yes it will still count against you as the 100 claim but it is a substantial difference in your out of pocket expense or reimbursement. 

If you had two small claims, you will probably find that you could possibly be set up for cancellation from your existing claim and will find it extremely difficult to find someone to insure you period as you will be considered high risk. The only options for you will be the excess/surplus carriers that will charge you 2-3 times the cost for the same coverage. Once again, use you best judgement and review any possible claim with the professionals at Southern Insurance Group.