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Keeping Pace With Your Growing Agribusiness

Every time you go to a grocery store or eat at a restaurant, we need to think about all the hard work that came into play to give us those nice fruits and vegetables we so dearly love to eat.

Today's farmers are faced with unique issues and challenges in keeping their farms on the right path to growth and prosperity. Many of the smaller family owned farms are finding more and more difficult to complete in the marketplace. Their love of the land must be matched by their knowledge of advanced techniques and equipment. Their growing investments of capital must be protected. A commitment to provide comprehensive agriculture insurance to American farmers is the foundation of Southern Insurance Group.

Covering the Unexpected

Farming has always been a risky business in that far too many uncontrollable factors come into play - natural disasters, vermin or just uncooperative weather patterns. These factors can destroy a crop and put the farmer in a bad financial situation. At Southern Insurance Group, we offer a variety of agriculture insurance options are available to farmers so they can receive compensation in the event of a poor season or catastrophic natural event.:

  • Risk Reduction with Crop Insurance - This coverage provides a key element of risk reduction for farmers by insuring their crops.
  • Crop insurance - subsidized and regulated by the USDA-Risk Management Agency - is an important tool in managing financial risk associated with farming. This type of coverage is intended to help farmers survive disasters and return to profitability, providing they purchase an adequate amount of protection.
  • Livestock Insurance - The raising and farming of livestock can be just as risky as growing crops. You face the same kinds of challenges - fluctuating market prices, reduced yields (as in dairy farming), and the sickness or death of your animals. Livestock insurance can provide you with invaluable coverage in case of these kinds of challenges. A client of mine recently lost 13 cows that were sitting under a tree that got struck by lightning. This coverage paid him 500 per head for his loss.
  • Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance– Agri buildings are just as vulnerable as any other kind of structure so the farmer needs to make sure their buildings structures and contents as well. P&C insurance covers an agribusiness’s buildings and their contents -- money and securities, accounts-receivable records, inventory, furniture, machinery and supplies when damage, theft, or loss occurs. If you hire employees to work for you, you need P&C insurance in case of injury on your property.

Southern Insurance Group

Customers of Southern Insurance Group can expect excellent service from our local independent agent network, dedicated agribusiness underwriters, risk control specialists, and claim handlers. Safeguard your future in agriculture today. Learn more about your options for agribusiness insurance coverage by filling out our Protection Savings Form below right away. Get a free quote from one of our experienced agents and don’t go another minute without the best possible protection available!

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