Clermont FL Car Wash Insurance

Have you ever heard someone say, "I never saw that scratch before. I wonder if I got it when I was at the car wash?" Usually a car wash owner will be quick to say nothing in their wash process would cause any kind of damage as far as scratches go.

On the contrary, we have had auto car wash businesses have claims against them for items like broken side mirrors, and their motion cloth ripping off antennas and roof racks when it gets snagged on them. We have even had people file claims for their custom rims getting scratched when they first enter the car wash alignment.

Whether something gets paid out or not the owner still needs their car wash insurance policy to defend them against the claim. The bottom line is most car wash owners want to indemnify the customer for any damage but don't want to pay for something they are responsible for. Makes sense, right?

Cars that might get damaged are not the only concern

How long will your auto wash business last if you can't wash any cars? This is just the type of question that car wash insurance can answer and protect you from.

If your building is damaged or you get tangled in a customer lawsuit, car wash insurance will protect you so that your business will survive.

A comprehensive car wash insurance policy in Clermont can offer the following coverage:

  • Business property damage
  • Customer vehicle damage
  • Lost revenue due to damage or other events

Thinking of going forward without protection? Don't! Car wash insurance is affordable and a key piece of any successful auto wash business.

You may feel that your auto wash business is already covered by general business insurance. Though this policy may cover damage to your property, the cars that pass through your service each day make your business especially vulnerable and only a car wash policy can fully protect you.

Clermont Florida Car wash insurance is available to any owner of an auto wash facility in order to protect against losses arising from damage to your property or a customer's property.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Don't let another car pass through your wash without knowing that you are protected from potential claims--even unjustified ones.
  2. It's easy to get a no-risk quote right away. Simply fill out this short form and we'll get back to you within a day with a specific car wash insurance policy suited to your needs.

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