Clermont FL Contractors Insurance

Southern Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency in Clermont Florida that will shop through our multiple carriers and brokerage companies for your best insurance pricing. As a contractor, each job you represent means extra money, but it also means you are on the hook for extra exposure.

Keep in mind that as your business grows, you need a contractor's insurance policy that grows with you. The small projects may not necessarily have the same demands for the large multi year commercial deals. The same contractors insurance that protected you when you did the one-man projects may not protect the same as your large multi-year commercial deals.

Having the right contractor's insurance policy may make the difference between you staying in business when accidents occur. it can be one of the most crucial aspects of your business as a contractor.

The list of coverage areas below that need to be addressed in your contractors insurance include:

  • Workers Compensation Liability
  • Liability
  • Disability
  • Bonds
  • Trucks and other commercial vehicles

If your contractors insurance misses any one aspect of this protection, your job and your company will be at risk.

Price is always a concern for contractors but with a custom contractors insurance policy, you are in control of what types and amounts of coverage you that want to pay for. It can be surprisingly affordable.

Here are Southern's two reasons to act now!

  1. Get started now so that your coverage is in place by the time you bid your next job and you'll be able to incorporate those costs.
  2. Getting a quick and accurate quote back is easy. Just fill out this short form and we'll show you the options and how inexpensive contractors insurance can be.

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