Clermont Fiorida Convenience Stores Insurance

Why are you Spending So Much on Insurance?

As a convenience store owner, you know that each person that comes into your store is a potential for loss from theft or even a slip and fall lawsuit. Although those items are a concern, statistics point out that the largest cost to the owner is employee dishonesty.

Employees are most likely making just over minimum wage so they may help supplement their incomes by skimming off the top by not recording a transaction or taking merchandise or products out of the store. Not only does this hurt you because it is a violation of trust, but it also results in higher insurance premiums due to the frequency of claims that are filed for the owner to be reimbursed by the insurance carrier.

As a convenience store operator, some additional items that could hurt even more are:

  • Protection Gaps. This is where a portion of your operation is unprotected. This could cost you your store.
  • Spending Too Much on Insurance. This is a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

To cease worrying about this, contact Southern Insurance Group today. It is our business to take care of your protection gaps and to reduce your insurance costs.

First, we will review your business operations including any recent services you are offering. For example, if you just added a propane gas tank exchange or an outdoor produce market to your store, we will make sure they are adequately protected.

Second, we will help you structure safety procedures designed to reduce the risks of how you provide your products to your customers. Our expertise includes knowledge and programs in preventing employee theft, creating a safety-oriented workplace and ensuring OSHA compliance, among others.

The more you create a safe, minimal risk environment, the more money you can save on your insurance costs.

Southern Insurance Group

At Southern Insurance Group we have provided convenient store insurance for retailers in Clermont since 2008.

To start to realize savings on your insurance, complete the Protection Savers Form today. You will be contacted by a convenience store insurance expert at Southern Insurance Group. After a brief discussion of your needs and objectives, we will craft an insurance program customized for your establishment. There will no protection gaps and we will begin plans to keep your insurance costs low immediately!

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