Clermont FL Electricians Insurance

My brother is an electrician and has told me of countless mishaps a co-worker has committed to leave the person they were doing work for in a precarious situation. It could be as simple as not grounding a wire properly or leaving wires uncapped, causing an issue for electrical shock.

Even when you are finished with the job you may not find out that something was done improperly until someone turns on a switch or runs a particular appliance. There have been plenty of businesses and homes that have burned to the ground because of faulty wiring. That is why you need a great electricians insurance policy.

Clermont Florida Electricians insurance keeps protecting you long after you have moved on to the next job. Southern insurance Group will make sure you are properly covered for the potential mishaps that can occur. It is too difficult to focus on the new job if you are worried about potential lawsuits from your prior jobs.

Electricians insurance gives you the peace of mind that if something unfortunate did happen you can continue working while the insurance settles the claim. Of course, you will also need your policy to cover the more general needs of any business too: vehicle, worker's comp and disability.

Note that if you just have a generic general liability insurance policy, it may not cover the distinct needs of your electrical business, so we need to customize a policy specifically for you to offer you the maximum protection. It may be that you think that your current general liability policy covers the distinct needs of your electric business but many policies need to be customized specifically for you to offer full protection.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Before you start your next job, get the peace of mind in knowing that your work will be protected. You won't need to worry about problems down the road.
  2. We can get you a no-risk quote within a day. Just complete this short form and you'll see how inexpensive electricians insurance can be.

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