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Insuring for the unexpected in an Unpredictable World

Southern Insurance Group writes Farm insurance coverage through quite a few brokerage companies that we represent. As a farmer you know that sometimes things don't go as planned. Therefore planning for the unexpected is a necessary part of doing business.

Farm are much different today that yesteryear. A great deal of the farms today are operating with great automation with computerized equipment that may include soil, weather crop sensors as well as machines to process the harvest. If this equipment goes down due to a covered peril like a tornado, your farm insurance policy may be the only thing that keeps the farm going.

Are you protected for a financial loss? How about being covered for lost earnings while a part of your business is being restored?

Liability is another big concern for farmers. You could have a friendly hayride for a fall festival that your church want to hold at your farm and someone gets kicked by a horse or falls off the hayride and gets injured. If this results in a lawsuit your farm insurance policy needs to be set up to cover such events.

The church should also have a policy to cover events sponsored by the church. Either way, depending upon the injury, people sue because they are looking for the big pay day.

I have a client in Groveland Fl who has a small farm with some acreage and decided to have a Halloween haunted barn on his farm.He had all kinds of scary scenes and people jumping out from haystacks and objects coming at people from every direction. He was charging $10 admission for people to go through the haunted barn. What a formula for disaster. Fortunately, no one was hurt and everyone had fun but boy, it could have easily ended up with someone getting hurt and in turn suing the farm.

Insurance people call these “protection gaps.” Farm operations possess the potential for a lot of them. And any missing sliver of protection not adequately addressed could cost you money, time or even your farm!

If you are uncertain about what your policy covers; if you have altered your farm processes or are concerned about increasing weather risks to your crop, contact Southern Insurance Group. There you will discover farm insurance experts who will make sure your farm operations stay protected by staunch insurance. In your unpredictable world, we will be your constant.

Southern Insurance Group

Since 2008, the insurance veterans at Southern Insurance Group have provided FL farm insurance for big and small farm operations in the Clermont area. We are known as reliable, competent and knowledgeable about farm insurance. We keep up on insurance protection related to all of the latest technological advances in the industry.

So, complete the Protection Savers Form below, today—before the next crop cycle. You will receive a call from one of our farm insurance specialists. Together, we will discuss your current farm protection needs.

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