Clermont Florida Towing & Recovering Insurance

Towing and recovery insurance will protect you from the possible mishaps or challenges that you may have when towing a vehicle to your storage facility. It is really broken down in to three main areas that need to be covered which are towing, recovering, and storage.

As you can imagine, having to tow a vehicle not by choice could result in a not so pleasant outcome. Or you may be towing a vehicle and something breaks, thus causing the car you are towing to come undone, thus causing a major accident from the unhitched vehicle. These and many more are the things that Southern Insurance Group will make sure you have properly set up.

If your tow is successful you then have to make sure the vehicle or cargo is stored in a proper locked location. If you are negligent with how you store the vehicle and it becomes damaged, then your insurance policy will protect you in the even of a claim being brought against you.

You may be worried about the costs associated with coverage, but don't be. The peace of mind that comes from full protection will be well worth the very reasonable premiums you'll pay.

You may think that you are covered through your general business insurance or vehicle policy. Both on-hook and garage liability have special considerations that are protected with towing and recovering insurance.

Clermont Florida Towing insurance and recovering insurance is available to any business owner that operates a towing company. The best insurance will cover the vehicle liability, on-hook cargo liability and garage liability.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Before you load your next truck, make sure that you have full protection from the side of the road, back to the lot and
  2. You can get a no-risk quote right away by filling out this short form. We'll bring back to you a cost effective policy that suits your needs.

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