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Why Choose Southern Insurance For Clermont Umbrella Insurance?

People who are looking for umbrella insurance in Clermont are usually not just looking for umbrella insurance but rather an agency that they can house all of their insurance policies and therefore protect them under one umbrella of protection. This is one of many reasons and services that Southern Insurance Group can provide to our clients.
In addition, most of our carriers offer package pricing for placing your home, autos and umbrella with the same carrier. This is something that you will want to do anyway so that you can make sure that you do not have any coverage gaps because you have your policies with several different agencies. Another factor is some umbrella carriers won't write you if you don't meet their guidelines so having an independent insurance agency that can offer you multiple umbrella carriers is the way to go for all your insurance needs. Give us a call today for us to detail a policy for your today!

Protecting your assets with an Umbrella

What is an umbrella insurance policy? An umbrella policy extends over your assets to provide and extra layer of protection. These extra layers of protection for this type policy start at 1 million and go up in increments of 1million from that point forward. Setting up this type policy for the higher limits is much easier and more affordable then increasing each of the underlying policies to a higher levels of protection. In addition, usually most underlying car and home policies will not provide these higher levels of protection so the only way to achieve this is by setting up an umbrella policy.

In the event of a lawsuit due to your negligence, part of a law firms duties are to determine what kind of assets they can attach to the suit. The first thing they will do is request a copy of your insurance policy, then they will research what your personal and business assets are. They then determine the extend to their clients injuries and pain and suffering and come up with a number for their damages.

How much coverage is enough?

I have conflicting feelings about this topic as most attorneys request what your insurance limits are and usually sue for that amount. Could they sue for a higher amount? Sure they could, so the rule of thumb when determining how much umbrella insurance coverage to secure is to make sure your assets are protected. Whether or not they try to sue above the policy limits will usually boil down to the extent of the injuries sustained or even death that occurred. Someone who can no longer work or has died where the beneficiary no longer receives a potential income will of course sue for a higher amount of damages.

They Want More Because You Have More

In our society, three things work against you:

  • It costs someone nothing to initiate a lawsuit
  • Juries and judges are unpredictable
  • Defending yourself costs enormous sums of money

One of the biggest reasons that also comes into play is they want more because you have it.

A long time ago, you decided to arrive. You worked hard and got there. As you did, you accumulated possessions. Not an ostentatious amount, but enough to make you and your loved ones comfortable.

You are proud of these accomplishments. In fact, you have protected them with the best insurance you could.

Now you need extra protection, an umbrella insurance policy.

What are your limits on your auto and home liability policies? $300,000? $500,000?

It’s not enough.

You get into an auto accident; someone falls into your pool; whatever the fluke occurrence—you can be sued. What if you are sued and the award goes to the plaintiff? Okay, you say, the insurance will cover it. But what if the amount is over the policy limits? (That happens, especially if you have nice things.)

How will you pay the judgment? How will you even defend yourself in such a lawsuit? Can you actually lose all you have strived for?

You bet you can.

You need protection that will rev up after the other policy limits are exhausted. You need umbrella protection.

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