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Southern Insurance Group now offers 35 of the top homeowner insurance carriers to offer Leesburg homeowner residents.

Shopping for homeowners insurance in Leesburg is probably one of the least enjoyable tasks that someone has to do to try to find a competitive premiums for their home insurance. Who wants to call multiple carriers to try to find their best rate? Well now the headaches are over. You can make one phone call to Southern Insurance Group to obtain rates from the top 35 carriers in the FL marketplace. Because we offer 95% of the top carriers in FL., you are guaranteed to have the best premium for your Leesburg home. Fill out the above quote or give us a call, our professionals are ready to assist you.

Does your Leesburg Home Insurance policy offer sinkhole coverage?

When it comes to home insurance in Leesburg, you do have a choice when it comes to Sinkhole coverage. Many Leesburg Homeowners insurance policyholders have assumed the home insurance policy automatically covers all perils and that applies to sinkhole coverage as well. This may or may not apply to your coverage.

Homeowners in Leesburg do have options, which is great considering many home insurance policy holders around the State do not. Since this past January many Leesburg home insurance companies have taken the comprehensive sinkhole coverage off of their policies. What has remained is the catastrophic ground collapse coverage.

There are definite and great differences in these coverage’s. Catastrophic ground collapse is included on all home insurance policies in the state of Florida ( assuming you are covered with an admitted company, and that’s another story). This coverage “kicks in” when a homeowner has enough damage to the home that it has been condemned. This differs greatly from“settlement, cracking or ground movement” which is what is considered to be the comprehensive sinkhole coverage.

Leesburg home insurance policy holders may be wondering why the changes in their policies, and how can they be sure that their homeowner insurance policies cover their homes completely from sinkhole losses. A quick review of your Leesburg home insurance policy by a qualified agent at Southern Insurance Group can verify what type of sinkhole coverage that is on your homeowners insurance policy. In addition, we will review all the coverage's on your home insurance policy to makes sure that you are covered properly.

Many homeowner insurance carriers are changing the sinkhole coverage at the renewals and changing the deductible to a 10% sinkhole deductible. This means that if your dwelling is insured for 200,000 then your sinkhole deductible is 20,000. Sinkholes are popping up all over the place so please take the time to review your policy or once again bring your policy into our agency for a comprehensive review.