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Because of heavy restrictions with so many carriers, Tavares homeowners are pleased to see an insurance agency with so many choices for their Tavares home insurance. Southern Insurance Group now offers 35 of the top homeowner insurance carriers or 95% of the industry for our Tavares' customers. We do all the work shopping for your best pricing while you relax. All it takes is a quick email quote or phone call to get the ball rolling and we will do the rest.

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Tavares Home Insurance - The Importance Of Animal Liability

When in the process of receiving quotes for homeowner insurance in Tavares, it’s important to remember Animal Liability coverage. Although the name sounds self explanatory, the risks involved with owning a pet on your property may not always be. Animal Liability covers the liability involved in owning an animal at your residence. Now not all Tavares home insurance carriers will allow the same types of breeds for animals such as dogs. American Integrity for instance, will not allow this coverage to be placed on such animals as pit bulls, wolves, wolf hybrids, or any mixture of those breeds with other dogs.

What are the risks you might wonder? This coverage is covering you for more than just the obvious dog bite claim. I recently had a client walk in to my office looking for home insurance in Tavares. She informed me that she definitely wanted to have animal liability coverage on her policy. She then went on telling me a story of one of her neighbors, who did not have this coverage added on to her Tavares homeowners insurance policy. She said the neighbor walked outside her house one day to go check her mail. She did not realize she left her front door open, and her dog bolted out of the house. Her neighbor watched as her dog, a 20 pound Jack Russell Terrier with no history of biting, chased a neighborhood kid on her bike down the street. The dog was most likely simply being playful as he chased the child, but the young girl was startled, and lost control of her bike. She had to go to the hospital for her injuries due to the bike wreck.

My client’s neighbor had a lawsuit filed against her, by the child’s parents for the medical bills resulting from the injury. Needless to say, if she had requested Animal Liability Coverage while researching Tavares homeowner insurance, she might have been able to avoid being financially responsible for some very large medical bills.